The Very Best Of Phoenix – A Year In Review

Just as quick as it started, we get ready to say goodbye to 2018.  A lot has happened here in Phoenix, so we decided to give you a Year In Review of the Best Things Phoenix had to offer this year.

  1. Best Event/Festival: PHOENIX PIZZA FESTIVAL

The winner of the best Phoenix event/festival has got to be the Phoenix Pizza Festival! This event brings together great pizza makers and local businesses for a day of cheesy awesomeness at Margaret T. Hance Park in central Phoenix. It combines all the best things: pizza, music, fun and games AND it all happens in Phoenix! Really what more could you ask for in a festival? Plus, a portion of event proceeds benefit the Downtown Phoenix Inc., an organization dedicated to the creation of a thriving downtown. Good pizza, good community values, good event. 

  1. Best New Restaurant: PA’LA

Okay Pa’La was highly anticipated in 2017 and it FINALLY opened this year! According to their website, the kitchen at Pa’La centers around a hand-built wood-burning oven and a forged-steel grill. Their menu changes daily, which keeps it fun and exciting! In order to see what’s on the menu, you’ll have to check their Instagram before you go —  which might make you more hungry buttttt….you’ll enjoy every bite we swear. 

  1. Pet Event: PHOENIX PET EXPO

As you should know by now, MCLife Phoenix LOVES pets So of course, our choice for best pet event has got to be the be all end all of pet events – the Phoenix Pet Expo. It combines pets of all breeds, shapes, colors and sizes, giving you the best pet event of your life. Their mission is to bring “an annual convention to your community, inviting you and your family — including the furry, scaly, and feathered members — to explore the services available to you, participate in fantastic activities and contests, support local animal causes, and meet critters who need their forever homes.” So don’t worry if you missed it this year – there’s always next year!


Even though this farmer’s market has been around for a while – 2018 marks it’s 10th year! The market features more than 100 local growers and specialty food producers! And be ready to find a wide variety of organic produce, seasonal specialties, cheese, freshly baked artisan breads,  and more all from Arizona locals!The market is family-friendly and well-mannered pets are welcome!

  1. Best New Business: MOODRA

Got a little stressed out this year? Maybe you should’ve went to MOODRA to re-center yourself. According to their website, MOODRA is an “intimate one room creative & movement studio offering Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing as well as creative workshops like Painting, Macrame, Self Care, and even Crochet in Central Phoenix. Our intention is to offer a space where anyone can be creative, find  joy, and foster balance in their lives, no matter what age, activity level or “mood” they’re in.” And all of that seems like something we’d be interested in even into the new year!


There you have it! The best of the best of Phoenix 2018! What were your favorite spots? Let us know on Facebook! (Make sure to follow us too)

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