The Cost of Moving

It’s that time of year when you are faced with the decision to renew your lease or find a new place to live. While you think it may be easier to move into a new apartment, there are costs you may not consider or see coming.

Of course you will encounter the new fees that come with moving into a new place: reservation, application, pet fees on top of security deposits and your first month of rent can run you upwards of $1450.

Already have that calculated? What about moving fees? Moving trucks can cost, on avmoving or vacation graphicerage, $150 or more and hiring movers can cost you, on average, $500 or more. Plus, before you even get moving, you’ll spend around $100, or more, on boxes and tape to pack all of your belongings. That means you’re looking at around $750, or more, in packing and moving costs.

Starting to realize that moving costs more than you initially thought? Don’t forget the time and energy spent packing, moving and dealing with the DMV, credit card companies, bank and post office to update your new address. You’ll also have to update all memberships and accounts with your new address. So, not only are you spending money, but you’re also spending your valuable time.

If and when you get into a new place, you’ll have to pay hook-up fees for utilities like gas, electric, cable and internet. Depending on where you live, those fees can cost you $125 or more!

Yikes! Moving is an expensive endeavor. After it is all said and done, you can be spending around $2,325 or more. Imagine what else you can spend your money on! You can take that money and go on a vacation, buy new furniture or spoil yourself with concert tickets, electronics, shoes or whatever else you want!

Before you make the decision to move, take a look at a costs. Oftentimes, renewing your lease is the cheaper option and here at MCLife we want you to be in our communities. Our promises like the Rent Rescue Program, We Love Pets Policy, 24-Hour Service Promise, 30 Day Good-Life Promise, and Life Interruption Relief set us apart from other complexes you could live in.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our leasing managers or one of the property staff members in your community. We want to you to get the most out of the MCLife so don’t be afraid to tell us if there is something more we can do to make you more comfortable in our communities.

Not a resident of MC Companies, yet? See availability, schedule a tour or contact a leasing agent in each of our regions: Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Tulsa.


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