Hermitage Cat Shelter: A No-Kill Cat Shelter in Tucson

Looking for a cat to add to your family? Live in Tucson? Did you answer yes to those questions and this one? Then we have great news! You can bring a cat into your own home, all thanks to the Hermitage Cat Shelter! The shelter is different than other cat shelters in Tucson for a […]

6 DIY Dog Toys Your Pup Will Love

Does your dog go through dog toys frequently? Tired of spending money on toys? There are easy ways you can create dog toys at home that your pup will love. Repurpose items you already have in the house and have some fun with these DIY dog toys. 1. Water Bottle Scrunch Toy This is one […]

How-To Help Your Dog with Separation Anxiety

  For many of us with pets, our animals are part of the family. But with busy work schedules, school, or running around with the kids, we might not have as much time with our dogs as we want. Since we have an open pet policy at MCLife, we have no breed, size or weight […]

MCLife Pet of the Month Program

  MCLife is a residential apartment brand with pet friendly apartments and an open We LOVE Pets policy. With no size, breed or weight restrictions, we want you to live the good life with your four legged friends. We are proud to announce or partnership with humane societies in each of the regions that we […]