Hermitage Cat Shelter: A No-Kill Cat Shelter in Tucson

Looking for a cat to add to your family? Live in Tucson? Did you answer yes to those questions and this one? Then we have great news! You can bring a cat into your own home, all thanks to the Hermitage Cat Shelter! The shelter is different than other cat shelters in Tucson for a […]

5 Tips for First Time Dog Park Visitors

Thinking about taking your pooch to the dog park but unsure if your dog is ready? While many dog owners jump right into dog parks, others have hesitations. What about aggressive dogs? Is my pup going to get into a fight? These concerns are normal. It is always a good idea to consider your own […]

Roommates 101: How to Deal with Your Roommate’s Pets

Picture this: you are living with your roommate, and their pet(s), and things aren’t going well. From pet messes, to bad smells and home destruction – how do you talk to your roommate? What do you do? We’re here to help. At MCLife, we have an open pet policy and love your four legged friends. […]

How-To Help Your Dog with Separation Anxiety

  For many of us with pets, our animals are part of the family. But with busy work schedules, school, or running around with the kids, we might not have as much time with our dogs as we want. Since we have an open pet policy at MCLife, we have no breed, size or weight […]

MCLife Pet of the Month Program

  MCLife is a residential apartment brand with pet friendly apartments and an open We LOVE Pets policy. With no size, breed or weight restrictions, we want you to live the good life with your four legged friends. We are proud to announce or partnership with humane societies in each of the regions that we […]