The Best Of: Moving Tips for Renters

Over the course of our blogging time, we’ve come up with a myriad of helpful tips and tricks for renting, apartment living and moving. So, we decided to do a best of piece that highlights all of our favorite tips and tricks and puts them into one big blog post for you to easily access […]

10 Tips for Settling Down in a New City

Moving to a new city is a big deal, especially if you don’t have friends or family there. We’re giving you 10 tips for settling down in a new city. 1. Find Your Local Go-To Spots One thing about moving to a new city is that you have to find your new favorite places : […]

Unpacking 101: Where to Start Unpacking Your Apartment

  So you’re all moved into your new apartment, boxes are stacked in every room, now what do you do? Unpacking your apartment can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you avoid getting completely overwhelmed? We are here to help with Unpacking 101: Where to Start Unpacking Your Apartment.  A great place to […]

How to Save Money on a Move

  Whether you have decided to move next door, down the street, across town or the country, moving can be expensive, frustrating and stressful. While you might already have a budget planned out, unexpected costs pop up and you can easily break the bank. Instead of spending more than you planned for, there ways to […]

10 Ways to Make a New Apartment Feel Like Home

  Moving into a new place is often overwhelming. Packing, transporting, unpacking, organizing all put you into a whirlwind of movement and activity. When the dust settles, you’re left in a new place that doesn’t feel like home. Sure, all of your stuff is in there, but it isn’t home just yet. We’re bringing you […]