When Tacos Met Tequila – A Phoenix Love Story

When tacos met tequila, a beautiful relationship was formed, and bloomed into an everlasting marriage of delicious bliss. All jokes aside, tacos and tequila are the perfect pair. July 24th 2018 is national tequila day, and it falls on taco Tuesday! How lucky is that?! Here are some authentic Phoenix spots to celebrate this tasty […]

Sharing the Fit Life: 5 Tips for Healthy Living

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing — mind, body and soul. Recently, we started a Facebook page where we share exercise tips, life advice and recipes that help you live your best fit life. And now, we’re sharing five tips for healthy living. 1.Eat a balanced diet First and foremost, the most […]

The 10 Best Small Space Fitness Tips

Looking for a way to get in a quick work out without going to a gym? There are plenty of clever ways for you to get your work out in without needing a lot of space. Here are ten small space fitness tips and tricks and even some workout options for you! Equipment and Space […]

Spring Cleaning for Apartment Living

  Cleaning out your home when the weather starts to get warm is a time-honored tradition.  If you live in an apartment, however, it’s easy to feel left out of this annual ritual.  Fortunately, there are a number of ways that people living in apartments can participate in spring cleaning.  Follow these tips to get your […]