5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Closets

  We all wish we had a bigger closet — even if we already do have one. But for those of us with a smaller closet, it can be hard to fit in all those shoes, clothes, and whatever else you want to. Maximize your closet space with these 5 tips. 1. Get Rid of […]

10 Ways to Make a Rental Feel Like Your Own

So you’re renting a place. Just because you’re renting a place, doesn’t mean it isn’t home. Make your apartment feel cozy and homey by following some or all of these simple steps! 1. Fill it with your favorite colors: You may not be able to paint in your rental, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw […]

Confronting a Messy Roommate

  What do you do? How do you bring it up? Do you already have rules in place? Is this a reoccurring problem? Let’s help you walk through and it and find a solution. 3 important things to remember: People aren’t mind readers. Your roommate won’t know what you expect or need if you don’t […]