Small Kitchen? 7 Easy Storage Solutions to Help You

Is your kitchen small? Not enough storage space? We are giving you 7 storage tips for small apartment kitchens.

1. Use the Skinny Space between Your Fridge and the Wall!


That space between your wall and fridge can be used as extra storage! Put your step stool there or even get fancy and make it a pull out cabinet.

2. Display What You Can

Take advantage of that empty space like shelves or walls and display those fancy bowls or china dishes you’ve been handed down. It adds some detail to your kitchen and works as extra storage.

3. Make a wall rack for your platters to create extra storage and have it double as wall art.


Here’s an easy tutorial! How To!

4. Easy to grab bins can be used for extra storage as well! 

Use that extra space above your fridge for storage by place smaller bins for things such as paper towels or tupperware containers!

5. Keep an over the sink cutting board to expand counter space! 


6. Maximize the space under your sink with a pocket organizer.


Here’s a way for you to make your own pocket organizer. Save some pace!

7. A shelf that creates more vertical space in your cabinet.


Buy some here!

Try out these kitchen space saving tips and let us know which are your faves or if you have any hacks of your own!

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