How to Shop Less and Save Money on Groceries

Grocery shopping can be a hassle. Obviously we need to do it, but sometimes the cost can pile up. Because of this, we’ve come up with some ways for you to shop less and save money on groceries!

Focus on Sale Items:

This is an obvious one — you’ll save money if you buy things that are on sale!

Buy generic:

Tying in with the focusing on sale items tip, generic brands are usually much cheaper than name brand items. Plus, most of the time, the items are the exact same product, just in a different box!

Buy first, then meal plan:

We’ve been told to meal plan before we grocery shop, but most times that leaves us open to buying things that aren’t on sale or unnecessary for the meals. So, buy your main ingredients first — like chicken or other things that are on sale, then create your meals around it!

Don’t shop hungry:

We’ve all been told this, but it’s worth repeating! When you shop while you’re hungry, you’re more likely to buy things based on that you want to eat them right then and there. Impulse buying is a dangerous thing. 

Learn the layout of the Store:

Usually when grocery shopping, you wander down aisles that don’t have anything that you need, but you still add items to your cart. If you go in knowing where your items are, you’ll be less likely to buy unnecessary items and save money while doing it!

Make a list and stick to it:

Know what you want before you head into the grocery store! Not only will you be less distracted by those impulse items, but this will reduce those “one time trips” which will save you money on gas!

 Buy Frozen Produce:

We tend to forget about our fruits and veggies after we buy them. Thus, try buying frozen fruit and veggies instead! They will last longer and stay fresh if properly stored in freezers!

Buy Whole Fruits:

If you don’t want to buy frozen fruit items, buy the whole fruit! Pre sliced fruits can cost more than whole fruits, so why not save a little money and cut up your own watermelon or apples?

If possible, consider keeping your children at home:

Kids almost always want you to buy certain items you don’t need, but it’s hard to say no to them. So if you can, try to do the shopping while they’re in school or at after school actives.

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