How to Save Money on a Move


Whether you have decided to move next door, down the street, across town or the country, moving can be expensive, frustrating and stressful. While you might already have a budget planned out, unexpected costs pop up and you can easily break the bank. Instead of spending more than you planned for, there ways to trim costs and save money on a move. You have to account for the cost of furniture, deposits, utility expenses and keep money saved in the event of mishaps. We are bringing you some helpful tips to save money on a move.

Start with Deductions

While you are going through your belongings, inspect clothing and other items to see if they have severe signs of wear, tear and damage. Clothing and other items that have been gently used can be sold at a yard sale. You can put the funds you receive from the yard sale towards your moving costs and get rid of items and clothing you no longer use.

Use Free Boxes

Never waste money on purchasing boxes when you can get them free! Liquor stores, grocery stores and drugstores are all great places to get free moving boxes. These moving boxes are sturdy, and some come with removable compartments.

Do Your Packing

Moving costs can be expensive, especially when you have numerous rooms to pack. When you pack your items, make sure you have enough bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts and other materials to ensure your items are not damaged. You can damage your items while unpacking them. Use blankets and sheets to set your dishes, pictures and other valuables on when you are unpacking.

Choose the best time to move

The best time to move to save money is between September and May. During these times, moving rates are the lowest from any other time in the year. The rates are lowest between these times because families with school-aged children are out of school for summer vacation. Try to plan your move in the offseason so you have more flexibility during your move, whether it be during the week or weekend.

Moving Specialties

If you are not fond of driving a big moving truck, find a moving company that offers transportation-only services. Many different moving businesses have storage containers you can use over the course of a few weeks to a few months to safely pack your belongings. When you are ready to move, the company will pick up the container and move it to your new residence. You are held accountable for removing the items from the container. Hiring transportation-only movers will cost money, but it will not be as expensive as hiring professional movers.

Get More Than One Estimate                              

Moving prices will vary among different companies. Call different moving companies in your community and receive at least four quotes. The lowest quote is not always going to be the best option. When you are comparing quotes, consider the services that are offered, your budget, pricing of the company’s services and the impression you get from the business. View the company’s website before you make your final decision to hire them. Consider the company’s reputation in the moving industry, their rates and reviews. If everything looks great over the internet, schedule a face-to-face meeting or interview to discuss your moving needs.

Utility Planning

You may not be able to move or disconnect your services at a prorated rate during your time of departure. If you fall into a situation when your moving date does not match with your billing cycle, you have the option of disconnecting your services early to save money. Start with the utilities you do not need, including cable. If you are certain of your move date, you can schedule other utilities, including electricity and water for disconnection and avoid paying an extra month of services. Conduct research on different utility options, such as Utility Concierge if you are moving to a new city. With Utility Concierge, you can receive discounted prices on new utilities and save a ton of money.

There you have it! These are some of helpful tips and tricks so you can save money on a move. Watching what you spend here and there will help you in the long run. What would you recommend to a friend moving? What do you think is a great way to watch your budget? Let us know in the comment section below what you think helps save money on a move!

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