Resident How-To: Set Up Text to Pay, Online Payments and Auto Pay


Have no fear, MCLife is here. We’re going to walk you through the steps to set up text to pay, adding payment accounts, and setting up auto pay for monthly payments.

How to Set Up Online Payments & Text to Pay

Step 1: Log in to your resident portal, look for the “home” icon

From there, the SMS Alerts option on the upper right hand side is shown. You will need to add your mobile number and “Opt In” to receive text messages from the property

 Opt-in Option #2

Another way for you to opt-in for text messages is through their resident profile by clicking on Edit Profile

Step 2: Upon clicking on “Edit Profile” check “Allow Text (SMS)” add a mobile number and click Save

Step 3: Confirm Text Message Registration

When you opts-in for SMS (Text) and add your mobile number, you will be sent a text message.

This text message is the final step in confirming on whether you can receive texts from a property; you have to reply “Y” via text to confirm.

This is just confirming incoming text—not Text to Pay

How to Pay Via Text

Step 1: Login to the resident portal

If you have opted in for text services and have confirmed via text, and you want to pay via text message – there are a few steps you need to follow.

  • Login to resident portal and click on the Payment Accounts tab
  • Under Text To Pay, you will add a PIN number, select a payment account and Save
  • Congrats! Once this is done, you are fully setup for Text To Pay
  • To pay via text, you will text BALANCE to 85938— you will then be prompted with instructions on how to pay via text message

NOTE: Text To Pay does not allow partial payments

How to add a payment account 

If you didn’t apply via online application, a default payment account will be pending.  When you log in to Resident Portal, and click on the “Make Payments” tab, you will see the message: “You currently have no Payment Accounts on file.”

Click here to add a Payment Account. Clicking on “Click here” will direct you to the Payment Accounts tab

Step 2: Add a Bank Account or Credit Card

From the Payment Account, add a Bank Account(s) or Credit Card(s) account via the add button

Sample: When you click on Add Bank Account

Sample: When You Add a Credit Card

How to Set Up Auto-Pay

If you want to setup recurring payments, click on Auto-pay Setup *A payment account will need to be setup initially to set this up*

To enable Auto Pay

  1. Select a payment account
  2. Add a Start Date
  3. You can leave the End Date blank—keep in mind, this means no expiration date on the recurring payment
    1. If an End Date is indicated, please make a note/reminder

Auto Pay through RENTCafé

RENTCafé resident app info:

There you have it! This is our how-to guide to get you through the steps to set up text to pay, adding payment accounts, and setting up auto pay for monthly payments.

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