Moving to Arizona: 10 Things You Need to Know

Moving to Arizona? Whether you’re moving south to Tucson, North to Flagstaff, to the heart of Phoenix or anywhere in between, we are here to help. The Valley of the Sun is large, diverse and has many different neighborhoods and cities to settle in. We’re bringing you 10 things to know before moving to Arizona.

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1. Cost of Living is Reasonable

Compared to other states in the Southwest, Arizona ranks lower on the cost of buying a new home. According to Smart Asset, “The average rent for a studio apartment in Arizona is $725, according to That’s $346 cheaper than the average studio in the U.S. A one-bedroom in Arizona goes for an average of $809, $188 cheaper than the U.S. average.” Plus income taxes are lower than the national average here and range between 2.59% – 4.54%.

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2. It’s a great place to get outdoors

Nature lovers have plenty of options to get outdoors in Arizona. There are countless national monuments, parks and wilderness areas to explore. From the magnificent Grand Canyon, to the petrified forest, outdoor lovers can find hiking trails in every corner of the state.

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3. It’s easy to get around with our grid system

If you aren’t good with directions, have no fear! Phoenix is laid out like a grid so it is very easy to get around. Once you get the hang of your major cross streets, and freeways, it is easy to navigate the city. Since many of the suburbs and surrounding cities are far apart, the grid system is a dream to get around.

4. Arizona is a great city for foodies

More and more innovative restaurants are popping up around the state and are drawing attention to local eats. From the well-loved and renowned Pizzeria Bianco by Chef Chris Bianco to the edgy Barrio Café by Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza, Phoenix has some incredible eats.

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5. The Light Rail is a good public transportation option

The Phoenix Metro Light Rail System connects Glendale, Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa with comfortable, modern light rail trains buzzing through the Valley. If you’re going out around Tempe, or Downtown, this is a great alternative to driving – and is a safe option to avoid drinking and driving. You can also take the light rail into the airport which is super convenient for travel plans.

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6. Arizona has a growing art scene

Arizona has a growing art scene with events across the valley that highlight innovative local artists. From the Scottsdale Art Walk, First Fridays on Roosevelt Row, Spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity to the Tempe Festival of the Arts, there are arts events and festivals year round.

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7. Snow and cold weather isn’t far away

Yes, Arizona has incredible hot summers but we also have access to cooler weather just a few hours away. When you need a break for the summer heat, or want to take a ski trip during the wintertime, you can head north to Flagstaff in about 2 hours. Sedona is also a favorite year round escape for beautiful views, hikes and relaxation.

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8. You must choose: ASU or UA

The Arizona State University versus University of Arizona rivalry is a very real, strong force in Arizona. Families are divided on the issue and friends live or die by it. Most people choose the allegiance when they move onto college, but children are often choosing a school based on family ties from an early age.

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9. Tourism is BIG in Arizona

Throughout the year, Arizona is hit with visitors flocking to the valley for beautiful weather and fun events. From events like the massively-popular Waste Management Open, to Spring Training, which brings 15 Major League baseball teams for Spring Training and attracts millions of fans – Arizona is a busy place.

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10. Arizona is a state for wine lovers

 Believe it or not, Arizona is a great place for wine lovers. Arizona has three major grape growing areas in the Verde Valley, Willcox and Sonoita. Check out Page Spring Vineyards and Cellars in Cornville or visit Dos Cabezas WineWorks in Elgin Arizona. Arizona is also home to a ton of local breweries so you can drink your fill around the state.

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