One of MC Companies’ main goals is to make apartment living better. This means committing to providing uncompromising service to all their residents. And in keeping with their commitment, they provide residents with their Good Life Promises, enhancing their lives by providing value, convenience and choice.


Promises such as their Pet Policy, 30-day Good Life Promise, Rent Rescue Solutions and 24-hour Service Promise prove they want their residents to be fully satisfied with their home. These Good Life Promises help out in moments that are unexpected, such as the federal government shutdown that happened on December 22nd, 2018 and lasted 35 days.


The shutdown left many people out of work for a long period of time. Some feared being evicted from their apartments, not being able to pay bills on time and not being able to take care of their families. These were unexpected obstacles and life changes that many people now had to deal with.


The Good Life Promises helped alleviate some of that stress. One such promise is the Rent Rescue Solutions. MC Companies know from time to time, life can be difficult, which is why under the Rent Rescue Solutions are two different options residents can choose from: Late Rent Relief and Life Interruption.


The Late Rent Relief promises that “If for some reason, you cannot pay your rent on time, [MC Companies] will waive your late fees. This is a one-time forgiveness during a 12-month period.” The Life Interruption Option offers a partial payment play or the option to transfer to a larger or smaller apartment within the community or to another MC property.


“We are definitely relieved that the shutdown has ended, but this is exactly the type of situation that we created the Good Life Promises for” says Lesley Brice, President of MC Residential Communities.  “In this case it was Federal Employees that through no fault of their own, were suddenly having to seriously consider feeding their families or being evicted because they hadn’t been paid.  That is something we could never do morally as a company”.


MC Companies knows people have a choice when choosing their apartment home, which is why they strives to prove how much it cares about their residents. The Good Life Promises are only one aspect in their effort to provide real homes for real people.




About MC Companies: MC Companies is a real estate investment, development, construction, and management company specializing in the multifamily properties and commercial markets. MC Companies has completed over $500 million in multi-family and commercial value-added transactions since 1985.

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