How to Keep Your Home Clean with Pets


Pets can be the best thing to ever happen to a home; they bring in companionship, playfulness and just all around happiness…but they also can sometimes be rather messy. We’ve come up with a little How To to help you keep your home clean while you have pets.

1. Keep Your Pet Clean

Number one and the most important thing to do in order to keep your home clean is to keep your pet clean! Don’t ever skip bath time — and make it easier on yourself with some helpful tips like:

  • Place a non-slip mat in the tub to make them feel more secure.
  • Run lukewarm or cool water to avoid drying skin.
  • Make it a positive experience by offering plenty of treats and praise.
  • Only use shampoos formulated for your pets.
  • Dry thoroughly with a towel!
  • Make bath time predictable and consistent.

2. Suck It Up

The easiest way to keep your home clean while living with a pet is to vacuum every. single. surface. Do this at least every other day (even more so if you have a pet that sheds a lot) and make sure you get a vacuum cleaner that is specifically for removing pet hairs from the carpet and furniture.

3. Stain Remover is Your Best Friend

Sometimes, accidents happen. So make sure you keep a stain remover close by and in reach. Use it as soon as the accident happens so that you have a higher chance of removing the stain.

4. Wipe Your Paws

We know doormats are a great idea for keeping your houseguests’ feet clean, but there’s also ones for your pets! Keep your doormat outside of your house and then just add a washable throw rug inside the door. This way, it doubles your chances of catching all the dirt that your pet tracks inside with it.

5. Invest in Durable Materials

Avoid your pets destroying your couches and pillows and all of your furniture by investing in decor made out of materials that can withstand it! Whenever possible, make sure you get some stain proof fabrics — they can still look good AND will be easier to clean.

We get it, you love your pet, but you don’t need to sacrifice your clean home for them! Plus, all of our properties are pet friendly, so visit your regional website to see what communities are available.

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