How To: Maintenance Requests

Accidents happen, appliances break and properties suffer general wear and tear over time. When something in your apartment stops working properly or needs repairs, you want to be updated promptly on progress or repair completion.

We understand that you want your maintenance requests seen, worked on and to be informed when repairs are scheduled. That is why we have a 24-Hour Service Promise which means within 24 hours of filing a maintenance request, our maintenance staff will be contact with you and will be working to correct the problem.


Part of our 24-hour service promise also means that we will pay you one day’s rent for each day you do not hear from us regarding your repair work as we resolve your maintenance problem. We aim to complete all repairs within 24-48 hours, and same day whenever possible. Our maintenance staff keeps an open communication channel; they will keep you informed as requests are received, parts are ordered and work gets done. We won’t keep you in the dark with maintenance repairs and we will always make them a priority for our staff.

Extra Steps you can take:

When trying to get a maintenance issue resolved, you can get frustrated if you aren’t sure where your repair stands or how long it is going to take to get fixed. While we promise to respond within 24 hours or less, you can help the process along, by doing a few things that will be a benefit to you and the maintenance staff.

Brick Underground has suggestions for ways to get your maintenance requests seen and processed without any drama. The #1 suggestion? Put it in writing! “If there is a complaint book in the building, that’s a good start, but writing a letter to the super or to the managing agent, and copying the other makes it official and will get a better response,” says Manhattan real estate attorney Steven Wagner of Wagner Berkow.

Article Snatch also recommends putting your requests in writing, as well as a few other helpful things to do when you are living in a rental property. Advice they give includes taking photos of everything to document damage, and taking notes of anything needing repair. By keeping track of specific damages and maintenance requests, you will be able to refer to them as repairs are done.

Remember: We want to help!

The property managers and maintenance staff wants to help you solve your problems. We will always do our very best to get your maintenance requests done as quickly as possible. But in order to do that we need the cooperation of our residents. Together we can build open, communicative relationships while helping you improve your quality of living at home.

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