New Year, New Whole30 Me

With most people, January 1st initiates some sort of positive change. Whether it is personal development, health, or relationships most of us want to make some aspect of our life a little better.

Here at MC a few of us were talking about doing the Whole30. This is something I personally participate in once a year. I feel like it is just a good “wipe the slate clean and get your life in order” program. After I had mentioned it to a few of my coworkers that we going to do the Whole30 for the month of January, something amazing happened! We got a good group of us to participate!

What the Heck is Whole30?!

Now if you are wondering what exactly the Whole30 is, don’t worry, I don’t judge you for not seeing every other post on social media.

Whole30 is in more or less, an elimination diet. You commit 30 days to real, god honest food. Taking out things like legumes, wheat, grains, dairy, and sugar. After the 30 days you reintroduce certain foods to see how your body reacts. Naturally you can only do one item at a time to narrow down which food group is actually giving you issues.

Now if you are thinking to yourself “Golly, this sounds a little intimidating”. You are right, but the cool thing is, in our office there is 12 of us participating. Which definitely makes it easier to stay on track because there are others holding you accountable. My recommend is to find coworkers or check with some friends to see if they will do it with you, so you don’t have to brave the unknown alone.

But why?! Why cut everything you know and love out of your life?

I went around and surveyed the office participants on each person’s why.  And not everyone’s answer was the same!

Some of us wanted to see weight loss. Some said a healthier relationship with alcohol. Someone wanted to see if they were lactose intolerant. There were a lot of various reasons to start our adventure, but once thing is for sure, we can’t wait until the “Tiger Blood” starts kicking in. Because the result of cutting the crap out of your diet is you start feeling better too. Imagine that.

If the Whole30 is something you wanted to participate in my biggest piece of advice….

Have a Plan!

I’m serious. Go into each week knowing what your week looks like. Long days at the office, events, etc… Make sure you know your plan and how you are going to shape the way you eat around it. This may mean meal prep or ordering through a special service. Know what you are going to do and stick to it!

So far we are all on day 8 and it has been difficult. We’ve experienced a sugar hangover, restlessness, cravings, and some even have felt bloated. But according to the road map, it is all part of the experience and better days are on the horizon. So we are all really excited for that. I will plan on blogging about our experiences and wins this month! Stay tuned!

Interested in a Whole30 recipe?!  Check out this Fish Taco Bowl! 
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