So you have a person in your life that is fitness OBSESSED. And while you grow tired of listening to them always talk about how far they’ve ran or how much their maxing out at, they are the easiest gift to shop for. I have rounded up some of the coolest fitness based gifts to give to the gym enthused person in your life.

1.)Kettle Balls

Kettle balls are the perfect gift for any fitness buff (no puns intended). Not only can they be used for a full body workout, they are super convenient if they are someone who regularly fits in a home workout. Here is a link to buy them online!

2.) Spiralizer

Spiralizers are a great gift for a health nut! A lot of us get on the January bandwagon, ready to swear off bread and really any form of gluten. This makes way for …. Drumroll please: Any and all vegetables, but shaped like a noodle. I mean, most of us eat with our eyes anyway. Well that’s what we tell ourselves. So do it, you know most of us will be starting with some kind of diet very soon and the spiralizer is the perfect tool for healthy eating! Here a link to purchase this bad boy! 

3.) Motiv Ring Tracker

So I’m sure by now we know there are so many heart monitors we can invest in. But if you are anything like me you don’t necessarily love wearing a watch 24/7. That’s where this ring monitor is a beautiful thing! It tracks activity, steps, calories burned, and sleep duration. All while being as small and pretty as a ring! Buy it here! 

4.) SHINE HAI Hand Free Waist Dog Leash

This is the perfect gift for pet owners that run. Give your friends the gift of a jog with your furry best friend without having the inconvenience of holding a leash.  The great news is it is priced $16.99, so you really can’t beat it! You can buy it here! 

5.) Gym Bag

But not just any gym bag, it’s a cool gym bag. This sports gym bag has a special compartment for shoes. This bag is basically the most luxurious way to tote around your gym clothes. Here is the link to buy it! 

With so many options to choose from, your gift is sure to be a hit out of the park for anyone who is in the gym regularly!

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