Everything You Need to Know About Living in Phoenix

If you are new to living in Phoenix or if you are relocating to Phoenix we’ve got a must read post for you today! Here’s everything you need to know about living in Phoenix. We’ve got all the hot topics you’ll be searching for like local schools, the cost of living, weather, neighborhood details with recommendations for apartments in Phoenix, pet friendly apartments, and even senior living in Phoenix! 

Don’t miss out on this post if you are looking for all the information you might need if you are moving to Phoenix! 

Local schools

This guide to the schools in the Phoenix area will be vitally important for those of you who are relocating to Phoenix with school aged children. It breaks down options for public and private schooling options in this region and will hopefully give you a good idea of where your kids will get their education! 

Guide to Schools in Phoenix

Cost of living

The cost of living in Phoenix is about 103.7 which means that it is just slightly above the United States average cost of living of 100. 

Transportation and housing make up a large part of that cost of living. In the categories of grocery and health Phoenix actually falls below the US average! 


Like most places in Arizona, Phoenix sees hot dry summers and cool winters. The weather is mostly clear year round. The temperature does vary widely seeing lows of 45 F up to highs of 107 F. Rarely do the temperatures get much below 37 F or above 112 F. The heat is dry and there’s very little to worry about in terms of precipitation. 

Different Neighborhoods (mention each apartment community)

Let’s break down the top 8 neighborhoods here in Phoenix. You can also find a link to our MCLife communities in those neighborhoods if you are looking for pet friendly apartments in Phoenix…or just really great apartments in Phoenix…pets are always welcome but are not required 🙂 

Downtown Scottsdale 

The Scottsdale downtown area is a great choice for those that love shopping, waterfront and more. It’s got a young and lively population and there’s plenty of nightlife, restaurants, bars, etc. 

North Scottsdale

If you are looking for a more residential area North Scottsdale might be more your speed. It’s a more grown up crowd that is still located near enough to the nightlife and fun downtown to be worth a trip every once in a while! 

Downtown Phoenix 

If you are looking to be right where all the action is you’ll want to be in Downtown Phoenix. Art, culture, experiences, etc. It’s all happening in Downtown Phoenix. 

The Place at Wickertree & The Place at Sonoran Trails are both North Phoenix locations you’ll want to check out! 

Paradise Valley 

Sometimes Paradise Valley is called the Beverly Hills of the Southwest and that’s because this one residential area is now home to multimillion dollar mansions and a more upscale vibe. There are lots of shopping locations, restaurants, and more nearby. The price tag is worth it if you are looking for an upscale environment. 


Actually part of Scottsdale and Phoenix Arcadia is great for anyone looking for a more active and outdoor lifestyle. There’s tons of hiking, biking, camping, and outdoor recreation in this area. 


Home to Arizona State University this area always has something new going on. It’s a young and lively population thanks to the university and there’s never a boring moment. If you like a variety of entertainment, shopping, and dining options this is a great place to call home. 

Glendale | Peoria 

A suburb of the Phoenix area you won’t want to overlook Glendale as it has become quite the little metropolis of its own. There’s tons of sports, shopping, dining, and more in this area now!


If you are wondering about the demographics of Phoenix you can find the full detailed breakdown from the U.S. Census board right here

Phoenix is a large city with nearly 1.7 million people calling this area home. Phoenix has a large white population but also a large population that identifies as hispanic or latino. About 40% of the population speaks a language other than English at home so the area is relatively diverse! 

The median household income is about $57,000 and single family living arrangements are most common. 

Of the 124,000 businesses registered in Phoenix about 45,000 of those are women owned and another 40,000 are minority owned! 

Things to Do

There is so much to do in Phoenix. This lively area is great for all ages because there is something to suit every personality and lifestyle! If you are in the arts and culture you can check out this guide for exploring Phoenix

Are you more interested in getting outdoors to explore? Check out this guide for the top golf courses or this guide for Arizona sports and athletics

If you like to relax with a little retail therapy you can find all the top hits on shopping in Phoenix right here

For those of you looking for a dining recommendation we have got you covered as well with a guide to dining out in Phoenix

Need some budget friendly activities in Phoenix? Here is the guide for you: free things to do in Phoenix

Senior Living

If you are a senior or you are looking for housing for a senior you can’t go wrong with The Place at Fountains at Sun City! Our local MCLife community for senior living is located in Sun City and perfect for those looking for an active senior living community full of amenities! 

This community is 55+ and would be an excellent personal oasis for those looking to kick back and relax in style, you’ve earned it!  

Hopefully this guide has given you some pertinent information that you can use in your relocation efforts as it pertains to Phoenix and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions or think you’d like to call one of our MCLife communities home we’d be happy to hear from you! Contact us today for more information on any of our lovely properties here in Phoenix Arizona

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