Adopt A Pet This Holiday Season on National Mutt Day

The Holiday Season is a time where we try to be kind and help others less fortunate then us. It’s also a time for gift giving.  Instead of buying a pet from a breeder, adopt! Or donate. Here are the best rated animal shelters near you.

Home Fur Good

In Phoenix, Home Fur Good is the place to support when it comes to animal shelters. Started in 2009, was established with the hope of getting rid of the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Maricopa County. They strive to give its animals a “clean and comfortable place to sleep, nutritious food to eat, excellent medical care, adequate daily exercise, and an overdose of love and affection.” Feel free to donate or volunteer there today!

Halo Animal Rescue

HALO stands for “Helping Animals Live On.” And it pretty much sums up what goes on in this animal rescue. This no-kill facility lovingly cares for each animal that is brought in. They are passionate about finding their dogs and cats a loving forever home. Help them out with a donation or even find your new furry family member!

Foothills Animal Rescue

Beginning its mission to save animal lives in Cave Creek, this animal rescue shelter was able to move to Foothills to expand their efforts and mission. They list five freedoms that are important to them when it comes to animal care: freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain or injury, freedom to express normal behavior, and freedom from fear and distress. If any of those five freedoms pull at your heart strings, donate, volunteer or adopt today!

Tranquility Trail Animal Shelter

If you’re looking for something besides your regular cat and dog shelter, we suggest heading to Tranquility to volunteer there! While this organization is “committed to rescuing, sheltering, rehabilitating, and ensuring quality life-long care for each and every animal we take into our sanctuary,” they also mainly focus on bunnies! That’s right, you can sponsor a bunny. Get to it!

There you have it! This holiday season, do a little good for the animals around you. And make sure you follow us on Facebook

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