A Guide to a Healthy Routine

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a vacation of your dreams, reunion, wedding, or maybe you just have been wanting to get fit for a while. You have a goal, and it’s time to achieve your health goals.

The reason we have all been there? Well, it’s simple, everyone wants to look and feel good, right? The problem: It’s not always easy. You have to be consistent and persistent. Results just don’t happen overnight. Results take time.

Now, everyone’s fitness journey is going to be different because, shocker: We are all different. On average, noticeable weight loss and muscle gains take about 6-8 weeks. But, the good news is almost immediately after switching healthy habits for some of your not-so-healthy habits, you will notice a significant difference in how you feel. Cutting processed foods will get rid of belly bloat in about 2 days. This can be a huge motivator in kick starting your path to a healthy lifestyle.

I am going to share some roadmap points to a successful fitness journey!

  • Set a Realistic Goal
    1. How on earth are you supposed to get healthy and fit, if you haven’t defined what healthy and fit means to you? Decide what you are trying to achieve. Maybe it’s run a 5K or fit back into your “skinny jeans”. Whatever it is you choose, it needs to be something that motivates you. Also, make sure that it is possible to achieve this goal. If you set a goal that is far too lofty that you likely will never achieve, this often leads to giving up and may take a toll on your confidence.
  • Make a Plan
    1. Have you ever ventured out to the grocery store not knowing what you need once your there? Introducing panic mode. You probably will forget half of the ingredients you needed and you will probably end up spending extra money. Same thing with goal setting. You need to know how this goal is going to affect your day to day. Do you need to wake up an hour early to fit an AM work-out in? How many days a week will you do this? Are you going to dedicate Sunday afternoons to meal-prepping to avoid take-out? What does your meal plan and nutrition look like and how will you stick to it? These are just some of the situations you need to map out.
  • Create a Successful Environment
    1. Make sure your home is conducive to what you are trying to achieve. However hard it might be, throw out those Oreos and replace them with veggies and hummus. If you are working out at home, create a space to do this. TJ Maxx has some really great discounted workout equipment that are very easy to store.
  • Have some fun
    1. Check out classes at your gym! Maybe two of your workouts a week are Zumba classes instead of your normal cardio and weightlifting sesh. Go on a hike with some friends, It’s almost like your hanging out instead of exercising (ha, ha).
  • Create Accountability
    1. Find a way to hold yourself accountable! One of the most successful ways is to have an accountability buddy, you both keep each other in check. If you don’t have someone that wants to be an accountability partner with you, you gotta keep yourself in check. Remind yourself why you are doing this by placing your goal in a place you see every day. Make your new routine, the norm. View the gym as just a part of your morning, like taking a shower. It’s just something you have to do.
  • Reward Yourself
    1. All work and no play is just wrong! Create benchmarks for yourself along your journey. Maybe if you successfully run 1.5 miles, you buy yourself those shorts you’ve been eyeing or take yourself to that movie you have been wanting to see.

See healthy can be fun!!

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