A Day at MCLife

 A Day at MCLife: Our promises in action

Here at MCLife we really do believe in sharing the good life with our residents. We want you to get the most out of our communities. When you live at one of our properties you aren’t just getting a building to live in – you’re getting a supportive, friendly family in our staff and your neighbors. You’re moving into a community where culture is important – experience the world around you and find out where you can eat, shop and play with your family and friends. Here at MCLife, we are more than an apartment complex: we are a way of life.

You might have heard about our 5 Promises: 30 Day Good-Life Promise, Rent Rescue Program, Life Interruption Relief, 24-Hour Service Promise and the We Love Pets Policy. How have these promises helped our residents in real life situations? I spoke to our property managers and asked them about interactions they have had with their residents. From the stories the property managers tell, it is obvious they care about everyone in our communities.

Yvette Oviedo, property manager at The Place at Wickertree, shared a story about a resident that needed to use our Rent Rescue Program. “Over the holiday, I had a resident come see me about paying his rent late and using the Rent Rescue Program.  A few weeks later he came in to pay his rent and notified me that he had actually proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes!  He had used the Rent Rescue Program to help pay for the engagement ring and surprise his girlfriend.â€Â 

Cynthia Ruckett, community manager at The Place at Fall Creek, goes above and beyond the promises to help her residents: “I once had a resident who was in a car accident which left him pretty much helpless once released from the hospital. He had no family that lived nearby so for atleast (2) weeks I went grocery shopping for him, picked up his prescriptions from the pharmacy and simply checked on him daily and made sure he got his mail every day. Now that he’s able to move around again, he faithfully brings in snacks, sodas, candy, etc on a weekly basis for the office just to show his appreciation for what I did for him. He expresses his gratitude every time he sees me as well as my staff.â€

Patsy from The Place at Creekside, shared a tale about a resident she remembers helping. “We had a resident who had major surgery and it took her four months to catch up on late rent.  She did catch up and we didn’t have to evict her because she kept her word on her promise. She still live at our community and was very grateful.â€

Our property managers are not the only ones happy with the community they live in. Our residents are willing to share their own stories and gratitude.  “I am a current tenant at The Place at Greentrails. I have loved living here. The office staff is incredible and they ALWAYS are so eager to help. This has been my family for the past year and a half. Tragedy struck my immediate family this month and my son is in a long term rehabilitation facility for 30 days. It became crucial that I move to Austin so when he gets out and moved back into his home I could be nearby. When I told my apartment manager Connie, of course she immediately jumped in to accommodate the move. In fact between her and the Manager and staff at The Place of Terracina in Austin, I barely had to do anything. I was sent my welcome letter to Austin today. During the midst of an incredible trial, the last thing I could think about was looking for another place to live and going through the process all over again. I am so thankful they made things so easy and effortless. It also made me realize that as much as I am going to miss the ladies and the amazing maintenance staff her in Katy, I have been welcomed with open arms to my new MC Community family in Austin.  It dawned on me, there must be an incredible criteria for being employed with The MC Companies as integrity and kindness flows throughout every community. I couldn’t let a day go by without each one of them getting some recognition!â€

Here at MCLife, we deliver and stand by our promises. We want our residents to have the best experience at our properties and get the most out of life there. In each of our regions: Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston and Tulsa we guarantee residents the same great service and quality of life. If you think MCLife would be a good fit for you, we want to hear from you! You can view availability on each site, book tours and contact our leasing agents with any questions.

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