6 DIY Dog Toys Your Pup Will Love

Does your dog go through dog toys frequently? Tired of spending money on toys? There are easy ways you can create dog toys at home that your pup will love. Repurpose items you already have in the house and have some fun with these DIY dog toys.

1. Water Bottle Scrunch Toy

This is one of our favorite DIY dog toys to put together. Simply put an empty plastic water bottle inside of a sock or wrapped in a t-shirt and voila! Your dog will love the scrunch and crunch of the water bottle and will have a hard time getting to the plastic beneath the fabric.

Note: If your dog is a serious chewer, or sock swallower, be careful with this one. If they rip the sock off, you don’t want your pup to swallow it.

2. DIY Tennis Ball Puzzle Toy

Instead of buying an expensive puzzle toy, you can make your own with a tennis ball, knife and some small dog treats. Instructables has an easy to follow tutorial for you!

3. DIY Denim Toy

Repurpose old denim and knot it into a chew friendly toy for your pup. Instructables has a nifty breakdown for you to follow!

4. Rope Ball Surprise Toy

Pick up some cotton rope, knot it up and you’ll have a great dog toy for your pup! Hands Occupied has a step by step blog that shows you how to create this toy on your own.

5. Squeaky Dog Bone Tutorial 

Laura Griffin Designs has a fun tutorial for an squeaky dog bone toy that is easy to put together and your pup will love it!

6. Braided T-Shirt Dog Toy

Transform old t-shirts into a braided dog toy with the help of Bark Post.

There you have it! These are some of fun DIY dog toys that you can make at home for your pup to enjoy. What are your favorite pet tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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