10 Ways to Make a Rental Feel Like Your Own

So you’re renting a place. Just because you’re renting a place, doesn’t mean it isn’t home. Make your apartment feel cozy and homey by following some or all of these simple steps!

1. Fill it with your favorite colors:

You may not be able to paint in your rental, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some of your favorite colors! Accent with some pillows or tapestries or even hang up some colorful curtains.

2. Swap Out Ugly Lighting Fixtures

This can be as simple as contacting your landlord and seeing if you can take that ugly ceiling light out and replace it with one of your favorite pieces. If not, just distract from it by using floor lamps or table lamps that have a fun design so that you aren’t automatically drawn to the one hanging from the ceiling.

3. Decorate with some of your favorite things

Make a rental a home by putting your personal spin on each room! Whether it be with colors or patterns, pictures or art, just make sure you make it feel like you actually live there rather than it being a temporary fix. Some things I put up in my apartment were little knick knacks I’ve collected over the years, or photos of friends and family.

4. Use Pictures of your friends and family around the home

Coming from above and continuing on, putting up pictures of your friends and family is a sure fire way to make your rental feel like home. Familiar faces remind you of all the times you’ve spent together and when those people come to visit, it’s a great way to make them feel loved and appreciated!

5. Lay an Area Rug to Cover Your Meh Floors

Don’t like your floors? There’s only so much you can do — you can’t rip them out, but you CAN throw an area rug over them to cover it up. Find a fun pattern or color that goes with the rest of the scheme in the room and lay it out. That way you can have it be an accent, something that the eye is drawn to and keeps the eye away from those ugly floors.

6. Buy some Plants

Spruce up your rental with some fresh plants! Things brings a pop of color to your apartment and lets you take care of something. Plants are such an amazing way to decorate cause they’re so simple — and sometimes you don’t even need them to be real! Plants just make everything seem more homey so make sure you pick up your favorite flowers or greenery.

7. Hang Drapes Over Blinds

Hate your blinds? Find some curtains to help cover up those ugly blinds so you don’t have to look at them anymore. They can be a simple material and a simple color or something fun and flirty! Blinds are another great way to show off your personality.

8. Showcase Personal Mementos:

A great way to make a rental feel like home is to fill it with things that mean something to you. As stated above, pictures of family and friends are one way, but don’t forget about all those personal mementos. Display your trophies or certificates! Show off that medal or framed recognition of honor. And if you don’t have things like that or don’t feel like showing them off, you can show off things that remind you of certain events like ticket stubs or buttons.

9. Fill the shelves with your favorite books or trinkets

Show off your favorite books in your living room. They make for great conversation — and who doesn’t want to talk about their favorite book all day? Plus it’s in a place that you can grab your favorite book whenever you want to reread it! Decorate with your favorite trinkets like those collectible items or small pieces that you were given as a gift.

10. Bring Something Old Into Your New Place

Odds are that most of your furniture has been moving around with you from apartment to apartment, but if this is your first time renting, why not bring a piece of furniture with you from your parents house? It can be something as simple as a nightstand, but it will make your rental feel a bit more like home. Plus, your parents are probably fine with you taking some of your stuff.

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