10 Ways to Make a New Apartment Feel Like Home


Moving into a new place is often overwhelming. Packing, transporting, unpacking, organizing all put you into a whirlwind of movement and activity. When the dust settles, you’re left in a new place that doesn’t feel like home. Sure, all of your stuff is in there, but it isn’t home just yet. We’re bringing you 10 ways to make a new apartment feel like home.

1. Start with the basics

pillows and sheets

Before getting caught up in buying decorative items for your place, start with the basics. If you’re starting with nothing, you should start with what is most important to you. A bed is always a great place to start, but for other people, the most important item for a home might be a kitchen table, while somebody else might prioritize a comfortable couch. Decide what is essential for your new place and go from there. 

2. Hang up your favorite pictures or art 

art on walls

One of the quickest ways to make a space feel like yours, is to put up some of your favorite art, posters, prints or photos. Make a space personal by putting some family photos on display, or putting up your favorite poster.

3. Decorate one space at a time

cozy living room

Moving in can be overwhelming; you have to unpack and set up every room – where to start? Don’t try to do it all at once. Pick one room to start with and focus on getting it as cozy as possible. Tackling your apartment one room at a time will help you prevent extra stress. Image Via

4. Spruce up your windows

red curtains

Adding curtains is one of the fastest ways to improve a space. They add color, design aesthetic, privacy and even protect your room from the elements. Image Via 

5. Bring the outdoors in

flowers on table

Add color and life to a room with some simple potted plants. Whether you go with live plants, or put a vase of fake flowers on the mantel, plants are an easy decorating tool.

6. Collaborate with your roommate

colorful living room

If you’re moving in with a roommate, you should make decorating decisions together. Instead of having your own separate items and spaces, collaborate on what goes in your shared spaces. Pick out art, furniture, curtains or other funky decorative pieces together.  This will help all parties feel involved and like they are helping to build a home. Image via

7. Explore your neighborhood & say “hello”


 Walk next door and meet the neighbors! Getting familiar with your surrounding area and meeting some of the neighbors will help your new place feel like home instead of a visitor.

8. Add a pop of color

removable wall paper

If you’re in a rental, you probably can’t paint walls. But adding color through vibrant colors, removable wall paper and removable wall decors are all great ways to bring color into your spaces. Image Via 

9. Organize your closet 

organized closet

Put away your clothes and shoes early into the unpacking process. It is a hassle to dig through boxes to find clothes every morning so start by setting up your bedroom closets. You should also unpack any towels and linens you’ll need regularly. Image Via

10. Make it smell nice


Every home has a smell and your new one might have a strange one. Light some candles or incense, bake a favorite treat, or cook a meal that reminds you of home. Making your home smell pleasant, and like you, is a great place is a good way to feel comfortable. Image Via

There you have it! These are 10 ways to make a new apartment feel like home. What do you think? What would you recommend to a friend moving into a new place? Try these few steps and see how much you can transform your living spaces. Stay tuned to our blog for all things eat, shop and play.

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