The 10 Best Small Space Fitness Tips

Looking for a way to get in a quick work out without going to a gym? There are plenty of clever ways for you to get your work out in without needing a lot of space. Here are ten small space fitness tips and tricks and even some workout options for you!

Equipment and Space Saving Tips:

1. Get Flexible Equipment:

When it comes to at home gyms, equipment is not necessary, but it can be helpful! Be on the lookout for equipment that can be folded and stored easily. Plus, certain items like yoga mats are able to rolled and stored under things. Get a nice rack to store your weights so it looks like it’s a part of the room!

2. Keep Heavier Items on the Bottom.

Speaking of weights,  make sure you load the bottom of the rack with the heaviest ones, leaving the lighter ones on top. Then, you can also use the rack to store other items such as resistance bands and jump ropes!

3. Equipment option: Pull-up bar.

A pull-up bar is the perfect piece when it comes to wanting to set up a small work out area. You can place it in the doorway of a bedroom or closet, the take it down immediately after or whenever you’re expecting guests! But make sure you get a bar that’s able to be taken down rather than one that needs to be permanently placed.

4. Put Seasonal Items in Self-Storage

Don’t let the items you only use in the winter clutter up your space! Are you really going to use those baseball gloves in the winter? You can store them in bins in your closet or even under your bed. Just pull them out when it’s that time of year again!

Workout Ideas:

5. Guided workout apps

One of the best and worst things about this century is that everything is online. There’s an app for everything — including workouts! Apps like Aaptiv and Katie Austin’s workout videos walk you through either a general workout or an intense one, all from the comfort of your own home. Some are free while others do cost some monthly payments money, but it’s much cheaper than than a monthly gym membership. Check out the app store and find your favorite one!

6. Wall Squats:

(via womensmag)

Wall squats are a pretty easy workout — you really only need yourself and a wall! Place your back against a flat wall, feet apart and then do a squat! Repeat for as many times as you feel necessary.

7. High Knees:

Follow these instructions from Cosmo on how to do the best High Knees:

Bend each elbow to a 90-degree angle. Stand on your right foot as you lift your left knee to hip height and bring your right arm forward. Then swing your right arm backward and bring your left arm forward as you hop to your left foot and lift your right knee to hip height. Continue to alternate arms and legs in quick succession.

8. Lying Tricep Extension

(via google)

Grab a set of weights that are not too heavy, but not too light and lay flat on your back. Then, with the weights in each hand, raise your arms so they above your chest with your elbows straight but not locked. Slowly lower your arms toward your head, bending your elbows as you go — make sure you lower your arms until the weights are on either side of your head

With one dumbbell in each hand, raise your arms so they are above your chest, making sure your elbows are straight but not locked. Lift your arms back up to where you started and then repeat.

9. Sumo Squat Jumps:

Another great one from Cosmo!

Stand with your feet wider than shoulders-width apart and point your toes about 45-degrees outward. Keeping your shoulders stacked over your hips, reach both hands down toward the floor as you bend your knees to lower your torso straight down until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. From this position, press up through the soles of your feet as you extend your legs and jump straight up. Land lightly with soft knees and your feet in starting position to complete one rep.

10. Overhead Press

This move works your biceps and triceps, and it’s a super easy workout to do with your favorite weights.

Start with two weights, not too heavy, but not too light, in each hand and hold them so your palms are face down. Standing with your feet hip distance apart, lift the weights until they are are your shoulders with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle. This is the resting position that you’ll return to after each rep.

Raise your arms until your elbows are extended, moving the weights until they are above your head. Then, slowly return back to the starting position. Remember to breathe and make sure you don’t hunch your shoulders!

Try out some of these workout tips and exercises and let us know which ones are your favorite!

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